Innovation in the Harvest

Student Spotlight: Monica Mae is one of the top students in her 2nd grade class. Her attendance is 100% and she actively participates in class and has a good attitude towards her studies and classmates. She and her family are also active church members

Resty and Mel Enguerra report that overall the students in the Child Sponsorship Program there are doing well in school. Some still need to work on their reading level and class participation, but they’re improving as they receive tutoring. Praise the Lord that our national team has been able to increase the food budget for the kids as a result of sponsorships, which ensures they’re receiving more protein in their diets.

Mel’s expertise as a nurse will be useful as they’re looking at teaching health basics (hand washing, food selection and prep, etc.) to the kids, their families and the community. Please pray for Resty and Mel and their team. Many thanks to our sponsors of these children; your prayers and support are life-changing for the children.

Nutrition and health education are helping families meet Jesus – that’s pretty innovative!

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