Investing in a Library to Reach Lives

IMG_1090The new Grace Bible College Library/Classroom construction  began this month with the footers for the foundation being laid. This next phase of the campus will make space for the 15,000+ library books which have already been donated, provide vital study hall areas and much needed classrooms.  We will also be able to adapt one of the long classrooms into the girls’ dormitory until their dorms are built. 

As Dr. Cook, Principal Dr. Tantarpale, and others on the GBC board and faculty in India met last month to discuss this two story building, the decision was made to expand the size of the building from 30’ x 60’ to 40’ x 60’. One of the main concerns was that the stairwell would take up needed classroom and library space. The benefit is the extra 1200 square feet which will bring a substantial long term return on invested monies with usefulness. The obvious downside is the additional expense, but we believe it will be well worth it.

Capital Funding Update:

40’ x 60’  Two Story Library/Classroom Building Projected Expense:  $98,000

Note:  furnishings are not included in this amount.  Artist rendering pictured below.

Monies given for this building to date:  $18,636

Amount needed:  $79,364


This is Sandesh and Pushpa. They met at GBC as students, fell in love and celebrated their wedding on January of 2016. They are committed to completing their ministry training at Grace Bible College.  With a heart for church IMG_1539planting and discipleship, they are excited for what the Lord has in store for them in the future.  We’re praying about working together after graduation, and with other GBC graduates under Indigenous
Ministries India
to reach many in India with the Gospel.   

This GBC campus is opening up opportunities for more dedicated young Indian nationals like Sandesh and Pushpa to prepare well for ministry and business representing the Lord Jesus; and this is really what this building and all the other GBC buildings are all about, isn’t it?

Would you pray with us that the Lord of the Harvest would fully supply all needed to build and furnish this library/classroom building?  Thank you.

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