Iraq Refugee Work Continues

IMG_0006 (1) (1)We continue to partner through our Iraqi teams to help refugees with food, blankets and other daily needs as well as help some find ways to make a living. I was in Iraq in October and had the special joy in helping a group of six men and women professional sewers with three sewing machines. They received the machines and were excited to be able to get back to work sewing to provide for their families; the first time in over a year.

A few weeks later, we provided backpacks and school supplies for the boys and girls pictured who live in a refugee camp. Last year we shared with you that we helped organize a school for these kids since as refugees their status doesn’t allow them to attend school otherwise.


Our teams meet with the parents and helped with food and clothing and reached out with the love of Christ. This is a long term situation and we will continue to help meet these needs. For these kids and their families, these backpacks represent a fun, normal day in school once again! Thank you for helping to provide these supplies for the children. Your continued donations marked “Iraqi Refugee Fund” will be used to help more refugees.

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