Iraq Refugee Child Sponsorship Program Update

Last month was very busy for our team in Northern Iraq. They engaged in food distributions in refugee camps and held meetings with singing, games and Bible lessons for the kids.

Also distributed were the Trauma Kits with a 18” plush animal (pictured, right, with one of the boys) with a solar powered player with the Bible in Arabic and Kurdish. They include a booklet with helps for the kids and the emotional trauma they are working through. Last month we shipped over 352 more animals with the Bible and 180 baby blankets. Thank you so much to each of you who have given funds to make it possible for the children and their parents to hear the Bible! Ladies, thank you for all the beautiful baby blankets you’ve sewn!

We have 300 kids in the program with 111 waiting for a sponsor. Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring one of these precious refugee kids and be part of changing a life for eternity? A sponsorship is only $39/month and you can sign up on our website in a jiffy!


Over the past four months we held the annual fundraiser to get our Iraqi and Syrian refugee kids ready for school with fully-equipped backpacks, school uniforms and shoes and socks. Your response has been heartwarming and overwhelming! Thank you!!! To date sponsors, youth groups, VBS kids and our partnering churches have given $8,900 to this fund. This is above the amount of $39/month sponsorship. Now our team is even busier buying all the above and distributing them in the next few weeks. They love it, though, don’t worry! We will feature this fundraiser in our Christmas catalogue and keep the fund going all year for the new kids entering the program, most of whom are coming out of Syria.

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