Iraq Refugee Update – Reaching out to Displaced Muslims

I’d like to share with you an email from one of our pastors in Iraq I received in early August. We have been helping them reach out to Shiia and Sunni Muslims who have been forced out of Ramadi and other areas by ISIS. In his own words, he thanks you too…

“I wish to thank you for your attention about the ministry with Refugees and Displaced Families in Iraq, which our church serves with them. Last Friday we had an event for 250 kids from displaced families, who are from many different backgrounds, and listened to the message from the Bible. Then, they gave toys and a Bible for kids. Attached you’ll find some photos. I wish to thank you for partnering with us to let Muslims kids listen about Jesus and His Salvation.  I also want to share with you our visit to wounded soldiers who were stricken by IS in Ramadi and Tikrit. We visited 15 soldiers in the governmental hospital, prayed with them, gave to them a financial gift and a Bible. This is the Love of Christ. They were very happy for this visit, and the hospital administration appreciated our visit to them. Hope to keep us in your prayers.”

Pictured below: Pastor ministering to wounded soldiers and their families, the children listening to the Gospel, food distributed to Muslim families.

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