Iraq Update

The UNHCR’s figures take the world’s refugee numbers to a staggering 22.5 million. Five million souls have left Syria after seven years of a civil war. One of the areas they are attracted to is northern Iraq. IM’s team helps these refugees as well as Iraqi refugees in Kurdistan and outside of Mosul.

The impact of food distributions in an area where unemployment is 55-59% is vital for families who struggle for stability. School supplies for the children helps to lift burdens from over-taxed parents.

In November, John and Dee Cook joined our Iraq team for a food distribution outside Mosul. As families arrived, parents were visited with, food packets given and to the kids’ surprise and delight, a Christmas craft awaited their small hands; one for themselves, and one for their sponsor. Even Spider-Man (below) showed up and had a great time making a crèche!

With the growth over the last year of this Refugee Child Sponsorship Program, we are delighted to welcome three new team members. Their work with logistics, Bible studies and keeping track of the families has already been a huge asset! Enjoy the pics from this memorable day, and thank you for your continued prayers and financial partnership which the Lord is using. Hundreds more children are waiting sponsorship. If you feel the Lord leading you to become a sponsor like some of our sponsors below, welcome! Visit our website,, on the right click “Sponsor a Child.” You and your family are not going out to McDonalds for one time can help feed a family for two months. Wow, that’s impactful. $39/month per child. Thank you.

As of Dec. 1, 2018:

Refugee kids in program: 242

Kids sponsored: 220


The local, national church is the heart of our ministry. Left, John spoke last month in Kurdistan, and as a result of the pastor’s ministry and the Word shared, 28 indicated a decision for Christ. They will be followed up with through the local church pastor and teams. Right, Dee held two women’s meetings, one in a refugee camp and one in the church; both were packed. Thank you for your partnership.  Please continue to pray for Pastor Sabre, the church and our IM team members.

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