Iraqi Church Rises from the Rubble


National church-planting pastors in the Middle East praying for their churches and each other

For the past two months, we’ve focused on the rubble ISIS has left behind in Iraq and Syria. As I stated in my last article, the devastation is indescribable and the toll taken on lives is unknown to the fullest extent.

Jesus gave assurance that His body, His Bride, the Church, would endure through centuries of suffering and emerge as the greatest change agent for His purposes on earth. Humanly speaking, many look at the rubble left behind as hopeless, yet we are asking the Lord for the impossible. That out of the debris of war the Church will bloom again and thrive in former ISIS-held areas of Iraq and Syria as a testimony to God’s power to transform lives and heal. Christian Iraqis are praying for a God-fearing Iraq.

National Iraqi pastors are already identifying areas to plant churches as refugees will begin to move back to their former homes in the next two years. Indigenous Ministries will partner and assist with this through our Global Church Planting Initiative.

Over the next few weeks, our US team will be in Iraq working in these areas:

  • Church planting; working with existing and planning for new churches
* Bringing continued aid to refugees; visiting refugee camps
  • Assisting more refugees with micro business start ups
  • Launching IM’s new Iraq Child Sponsorship Program for 2500 Yazidi orphans at the request of the Kurdish government in northern Iraq. Sponsorships will be available in April @ $35/month
  • Launching IM’s new Beautiful International Program for Yazidi women at the request of the Kurdish government

God bless you for your prayers and financial support as we minister to these precious souls.


Iraqi refugee children attending school in a tent

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