Iraqi Pastor Responds to His New Support

“This is a miracle!” was how our Brother, an Iraqi pastor, responded last month to the news of your standing with Indigenous Ministries’ Global Church Planting Initiative to support him. How thankful I am for each of you who have taken the challenge.

Indigenous Ministries seeks to assist in the establishment of the Church today in limited-access countries. We shared in July that we are asking the Lord to allow us to fund the support of our Iraqi Pastors. Pastors ministering to refugees with no jobs cannot rely on tithes of the nationals to support their personal salaries.

Because of your gifts in the past two months, half of the support of another Iraqi pastor has been committed to monthly!

We have asked you to prayerfully consider engaging with financial support at the $100 per month level to support pastors who are serving their local congregations in the Middle East. We need seven more who will pray and help at this level.

Praise the Lord for all He is doing through you and this ministry! Donate safely online on the website, and select Global Church Planting Initiative in the dropdown menu. Thank you.

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