Iraqi Relief Fund Update


Thank you for your prayers and generous financial gifts helping the Christian refugees in Iraq. I’m humbled and thrilled at the great response we have had to this appeal.

Christian_Family_Unfinished_Building_IraqChase and I have just returned from northern Iraq a week and a half ago, however, I am moved by the enormity of the need still there. With a deeper sense of motivation to assist in this crisis of epic proportions, Dee, Sarah and Pastor Abu Dani and I are speaking in churches in California to raise a new level of concern for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, as well as asking the Lord for more funds to help. I am also looking to meet with my Congressman in Washington.

Through your giving, we will continue to supply food and aid, and we are now moving towards our second phase in this crisis, winterization, we are assisting families to prepare for the coming cold. We are three months away from freezing temperatures in that area, and many of the refugees are in tents and unfinished buildings. We have already purchased 1,000 heavy, large blankets for as many families, and as funds continue to come in, will purchase more as well as heaters.

Blankets_Purchased1As the Lord continue to bless you, would you consider continuing to partner with us to bless others? 100% of every dollar given to this project goes towards this project (no commission is taken). We will keep you updated in days to come. Thank you so very much.

We invite you to respond to this crisis and reach out with Indigenous Ministries to our Brothers and Sisters in Iraq. Can you help us help them?

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