Iraqi Relief Update

Thank you for your prayers this Sunday for the difficult situation in Iraq affecting tens of thousands of Christians.

In the picture on the right, hundreds of displaced Christians find shelter in a church’s compound near Erbil, Iraq. It isn’t pretty or orderly, however, churches and families are opening their doors to refugees. The churches in Erbil and other cities in the north are overflowing with people today. Homes are filling with 30-60 (updated figures) extra people and the need for relief supplies is only growing daily.

The need is so great that it is tempting to say “What difference can we make?!” The answer is “A lot, because little is much when God is in it.” We’re asking the Lord to not only multiply the funds being donated but also to open hearts to the message of Hope in Jesus Christ that is being given out with the supplies.

I personally want to thank you for making a difference in this situation. The pastors and ministry teams in Iraq are barely able to breathe trying to meet all the needs but feel the prayers, support and encouragement through our ministry that you have provided. To say that I am personally grateful doesn’t begin to touch how I feel. We are sending financial support in each week and are currently assisting four evangelical churches in Dohok, Kirkuk and Erbil in relief efforts.

Fund update: As of today, $22,235 has been generously donated. Thank you so very much. The need is still great and as the Lord leads you give, we will continue to send in the relief aid.

T Shirts helping with AID: A business has recently partnered with Indigenous Ministries for the Iraqi Relief program. Here’s a link for their business which sells custom T Shirts: They are donating half the price of each shirt purchased with “We are …” next to the Indigenous Ministries logo in the middle of the page. Check it out!

We invite you to respond to this crisis and reach out with Indigenous Ministries to our Brothers and Sisters in Iraq. Can you help us help them?

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