Join Us in Prayer for Iraq

This Sunday, August 10, is a National Day of Fasting and Prayer throughout the country of Iraq. We as Believers have stood together in concern and you have and continue to help by reaching out through sending funds to assist the local evangelical churches. We thank you for your continued help and God bless you…

Here are some prayer points:

Pray that:

1. The comfort and presence of Christ will be felt in the hearts of all in the country… (this has unsettled their sense of security and peace…that they would look to the Lord)

2. That sustaining strength and protection will be given to the pastors and families serving in the midst of this crisis.

3. Strength will be given to the Believers as they continue to assist the Christian refugees (many have opened their homes to Christian refugees and some have as many as between 30 to 60 people staying with them in three and four bedroom homes).

4. As global leaders of countries and churches call for action, that the proper responses to meet this crisis would take place.

5. The protection of the people of Mosul (that the killing would stop in this city especially God’s protection on the children of the city).

6. The ISIS fighters; as they control Mosul, that they would be remembering that God had called judgement upon this city centuries ago and the people repented, and that the opportunity for repentance still is there…

7. The opportunities to share the Hope in and the Love of Christ will be numerous and often through all who are responding. Many Muslim’s are saying, ‘If this is Islam, I am against it! There is an open door of opportunity to open hearts to the Gospel of Christ.

8. The Church people, as taxed in both resources and time, will find their strength in The Lord.

9. Christ will be brought Glory through the actions and attitudes of the Church as we look to Him for our strength…

“O Lord of all the Earth, You and You Alone hold all in your hand. You alone own it all. You hold a mysterious and incredible plan for what is happening in this country. We will see your Glories through All the Earth, but save Oh Lord the people, the children, the women, the families. Turn us back to pay attention to you and to one another. But Mostly turn us to your face look and wait for your plan and purpose. Create new glory, O Lord, for Your name is to be praised. In Christ Jesus name.”

The Churches in Erbil and across the country are are overflowing with people today…

We invite you to respond to this crisis and reach out with Indigenous Ministries to our Brothers and Sisters in Iraq. Can you help us help them?

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