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Training nationals in India Feb 2016

Training nationals in India Feb 2016

Many of you assisted us with our 2015 year-end giving. I want to say a very special thank you to each and everyone who partnered and helped us get closer to the goal of the $40,000 we needed to have retired.

I am always amazed to see how the Lord provides for us through your gracious assistance. By the end of the 2015 year-end giving challenge, we saw over $21,000 come in. Although we did not quite reach our full goal, we got over 50% underway.

It is our goal to stay in the black in every possible way, and I would like to share with you an ongoing need we have with the General fund which is the foundation platform for the entire ministry. It keeps “the lights on,” as it were, and is a critical component of this ministry. We work hard to be very careful with the resources the Lord has given to us. If I could do ministry for free, I would, but as you know, there’s a cost to doing the business of ministry. We are most definitely in the business of reaching a world for Christ in ministry.

What I’m asking of you, if you’re not already engaged in some area of Indigenous Ministries, is to prayerfully consider becoming a “Global Business Partner.” As a Global Business Partner, either in your own business or working in business of some type, I’m asking that you join us in supporting the General Fund at $100 a month. We need your help.

What I’m asking the Lord for is 50 partners at this level. We are so thankful for the five who are already supporting as “GBPs,” but for us to meet the needs of supporting our national pastors and overseas workers, along with the facilities in our office and equipment for communicating with each of you, our supporters….we need 45 more partners.

IMG_6604If you would consider being part, we have a handsome Global Business Partners plaque (right) we have prepared for you to hang in your business or office. It declares our commitment together with you to fulfill the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20.

It is our commitment to end 2016 in the black, and the only way that this can be done is to look to the Lord for 45 new partners supporting our General Fund. You would make such a difference in strengthening our foundation to reach a world for Christ. Thank you for praying with me, thank you for your support of this ministry of reaching nationals through nationals. We cannot do this without your partnership. You can donate on our website and select “Global Business Partner.”

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