Leopard Sightings = More Solar Lights Definitely Needed

The kind of news/adventure you really don’t need on a children’s home property is what Dr. Cook received in text a few days ago — our old friend the leopard showed back up! More about him in a little bit…first I want to share with you good news and updates about repairs we’ve been working with the staff to keep the Children’s Home buildings in top shape.

thumb_IMG_4791_1024Last year, we reported the completion of significant repairs on the leaking roof and interior walls of the main building, then the painting of the interior of the building. Then, the cupboards where the children store their clothing, school books and personal items were also in need of repair as gnawing termites have been at work and the cupboards were unusable. In March, the old cupboards were replaced with fresh, newly painted ones. The children (and staff) are thrilled with the new storage and when school begins in July will be in full use. Special thanks to our generous donors who have given financially to make these repairs possible.

thumb_IMG_3873_1024Roofs sealed – We also recently had the roofs of the children’s home and the dining hall sealed with a gleaming white coat (pictured, left) to protect the buildings from the upcoming monsoon rains.

Painting and repairs of the dining hall still needed: Built in 2009, the dining hall’s interior walls need cracks repaired and a fresh, protective coat of paint inside and outside to prevent moisture from seeping in from the outside.

thumb_IMG_3536_1024Leopard on the property means more solar lights needed: Back to our old friend the leopard…previously we shared that a leopard has been seen on our property several times and has killed dogs; the first week in May it was back. Each night the power to our property is cut due to restrictions by the government making it frustratingly difficult to see the danger and protect the children. Two years ago we installed two bright solar lights next to the Children’s Home and in February thumb_IMG_3511_1024installed two more on the Grace Bible College property near the chapel (pics, left). They really do the job. Mr. (or Mrs.) leopard reminded us that for better safety, we need to install six more solar lights; two on the Children’s Home side and four on GBC’s property.

If you’d like to help with the repairs and painting of the dining hall ($1800) or purchase of six more solar lights ($350 each), on our website in the Donate button, select “Children’s Home Repairs.” Thank you!

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