Library Building Roof Completed! Next Step: Plastering

Thank you for your prayers and generous gifts for this project! We praise God that we’re debt-free on this entire project, including the land. Many of our donors have commented that they’re grateful to see that as a ministry we’ve not gone into debt for this campus.

With $43,195 needed to complete this project, please join us with this opportunity to invest into the lives of young Biblical scholars in India.

Click the Donate button on the right and select the GBC Building Fund, to help with the cost of finishing the library.


 Two of GBC’s newest students; Kishan (left) and Savita (above) who plan to serve the Lord in full time ministry.

Capital Funding Update:

40’ x 60’ Two Story Library/Classroom Building

Projected Expense:  $98,000  (Furnishings not included) 

Funds received:  – $54,805

 Amount needed:  $43,195  (as of August 15)

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