Meet Andrew!

Meet Andrew, a refugee

Written by one of our team lead in Iraq. We share his story with you because he’s just one of the hundreds of children in our Middle East Child Sponsorship Program whose lives have been dramatically changed and helped. Our sponsors make huge impacts on these kids. Visit our website to see some of our unsponsored kids.

I would like you to meet Andrew. Andrew is a refugee from Syria. When he initially joined our Child Sponsorship Program, he was very shy and quiet. He was quiet because of what he saw in the war; he lost his home, his friends, and he left Syria with nothing, experiencing great shock.

He left Syria by bus with his family, leaving behind his entire life story. As a child having all these bad experiences in life was very hard. When the family arrived in Kurdistan, the beginning was difficult and different; they didn’t know anyone and had lost everything. When we met the family, we were happy to welcome him and his family in the program.

Initially, he did not participate in any of our activities. Over time, he started involving himself with us slowly. He faced numerous difficulties in his life due to the war in his country and in his heart. Now, as he actively participates in the program, we as a team have built strong and meaningful friendships with him. He has started opening his heart to the Lord. Andrew is now more involved in the lessons, and he has many beautiful things to share with us. His family wants to emigrate to Australia because they feel that they don’t have hope in Iraq; they fear that something will happen to them. Andrew attends school and is studying some English; he is learning. Pray for Andrew and many other children like him.

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