India – The new school year AT GBC is underway and despite continued government regulations and restrictions, the student body, faculty and staff are doing very well. COVID has kept some students from returning, some due to illness, others because families haven’t allowed them to. Below are three of our students and their testimonies; they along with a number of others are in need of a sponsor. Would you prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor at $100/month? A half sponsorship is $50/month. Thank you to our sponsors who continue to faithfully pray for and financially support their student and GBC. God is using this school to reach India for Christ through our students and the alumni. To sponsor, use the card on the back, or call our office at 719-302-3028.

Megha 3rd year BTh (a senior)
DOB: September 25

My Testimony: I am Megha Sunil. I was born and brought up in a Hindu family up to 12 years. When I was 5 years old, due to some family problems I was sent to a christian orphanage. As I was studying at the orphanage, I came to know about Christ Jesus. As I was learning, I heard that Jesus can save life. So I prayed to Christ Jesus.

He saved my grandfather’s life and from that moment I started praying and reading the Bible. Slowly I committed my life to God. As I was studying in the orphanage, there was strong desire in my heart that I should go for Bible School. So I started praying to God to open a door for me to study your Word. After my 10th year, my orphanage authority allowed me to study the Word of God at GBC. Now I am doing my BTh 3rd year at GBC.

Things I like: Playing with kids, reading books, learning new things and jokes. My favorite ch in the Bible is Psalm 23. I am learning various subjects at GBC, but I like Pulpit Preaching because it is very useful for me to share the word of God. I read many books from GBC library. I especially liked “How to Win Souls”. It helped me to learn how to share the Gospel with others. I like Jacob’s son Joseph, because this character from the Bible teaches about forgiveness, kindness and it helps me to prepare myself for future ministry. After completing my Bible course I want to go for further study (Master’s Program) and prepare myself so that I will be fully ready for Ministry.

I have read many books from GBC library. I really liked the book “Mastering Worship”.

Arpita, 2nd year BTh
DOB: November 08

My Testimony: I am Arpita. I was born and brought up in a good Christian family. From my childhood I attended Sunday school and as a teenager I was a part of youth group in the church. I know Jesus; I know what He has done for me. My parents used to teach me about Jesus Christ, and what he has done for mankind, why Jesus Christ came into this world, what miracles he has done, and why He died on the cross for our sins.

My parents taught me how to read the Bible and to pray and to give my testimony in our Church at the time of my birthday each year. As I am now studying in GBC, God is speaking with me day by day through His Word. I like to read the Bible every day.

My family: I am blessed with two loving Christian parents (both are alive), and have one younger sister. I like to read books, dance, and sing. My favorite verse in the Bible is Psalms 91:4.
He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

After completing my course in GBC I want to complete a nursing course and serve God in this field. GBC is helping me to prepare for my future ministry by the courses I am taking, the counsel of the faculty and staff, and the daily training and discipline for my personal walk with God.

I have read many books from GBC library. I really liked the book “Mastering Worship”.

Diptanshu, 1st year BTh
DOB: April 09

My Testimony: My name is Diptanshu. I was born and brought up in a Buddhist family. At the age of 8 years my dad put me in the orphanage because it was very difficult for him to take care of me, my brother, and my handicapped mother. My father died when I was in grade 7. He was a TV mechanic. It was a difficult time for my brother my mother and me. My mother is handicapped so she cannot do any work.

When I was in the hostel I did not know about Christ. As I stayed there, I came to know about Jesus from my warden. When I was in 10th class, I realized that I am a sinner for whom Jesus gave his life. So I gave my life to him and I decided to study the Word of God. I was praying to God to open a door for me to study His Word. God answered my prayer and now I am in GBC doing my BTh 1st year.

My family: I have my loving mother and my brother (we are twins), who is also studying at GBC. I like volleyball, to play mobile games, memorizing verses and reading.

My favorite verse in the Bible is Roman 12:21. “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.”

I am doing my 1st year in GBC. After completing my BTh I would like to become a motor mechanic and serve God through this occupation. GBC is really a big help to me in preparing for my life spiritually and in maturity.