Middle East Child Sponsorship Programs

Egypt – On Sept 15, 76 pairs of feet bounded into a meeting room at a conference center in Upper Nile. Chatter, laughter, and clamor filled the air as children rearranged the chairs to sit next to their friends. I was filled with joy as I walked the room and personally met each child. Learning their name, shaking their hand, and seeing their smiling faces was such a privilege. We shared a time in the Word, with John, Dee, & myself able to encourage the kids, sang, made a craft, and passed out backpacks to each child. This time with the kids, and the ability to regularly help them, is made possible by our wonderful sponsors whose compassion in action is a daily bless to these precious kids! There are 21 children waiting for sponsors; would you be willing to stand in the gap and change a life? Send me an email at Sponsorships@IndigenousMinistries.org!

Egypt Child Sponsorship Program Update
Kids in program 76
Kids sponsored 55

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