Middle East Theological College in Iraq

One-Year Certificate

We offer a Certificate in Biblical Studies after successfully completing 8 classes in Bible and Theology (24 units) at METC

Two-Year Diploma

After completion of 16 classes (48 units), a student may receive a Diploma in Biblical and Theological Studies from METC

Bachelor of Theology

Through our sponsoring institution, Grace Bible College of India, we offer an ATA-accredited degree after completion of 32 classes (96 units) at METC

Training for Kurdistan, and Iraq

We serve all evangelical churches, equipping future pastors and workers in Bible, theology, and practical ministry

The Church is growing in Kurdistan and Iraq, but new leaders need training. Middle East Theological College exists to serve the Church by training her leaders and workers. In 2022, by faith, we launched METC in Iraq; the only fully accredited Bible college in a country the size of California. Join us, won’t you and pray for this desperately needed ministry!
– Dr. John Cook, Indigenous Ministries CEO

Getting Started

Classes for METC began in October 2022, with students completing the following courses:

Old Testament Survey
Principles of the Spiritual Life

In March 2023, we will offer two more classes for our students:

New Testament Survey
Bible Interpretation

Instruction is in Arabic, from both native speakers and interpretation.

Our faculty all possess advanced theological and ministry degrees, and are ordained by various evangelical denominations.

2 Timothy 2:2

Committing Truth to the Faithful

METC is fully accredited by ATA
– Asia Theological Association

Our Module Format

We currently offer classes 3-4 times a year through modules: two-week sessions with two different courses, one per week.

Each class is 3 units, meaning that two classes taken during a module equal 6 units.

How you can be part of this new work: Pray for the vital ministry of METC especially in March when students will be attending the next module. To donate, click HERE give to the general fund noting “METC.”

North East Kurdistan, Iraq

METC Lecturers: