Ministry Trip Application Part 1

    Thank you for serving the Lord and our Brothers and Sisters with us in our upcoming international ministry. You are an answer to many prayers! Your travel with us will be exciting, challenging, and rewarding. The country and indigenous ministry team you will be with are engaged in heartfelt ministry daily and are looking forward to our arrival and assistance.

    The Cost: $3,950.00 all inclusive will cover the cost of your travel, and in country expenses. Part of your ticket assists our indigenous brothers and sisters to attend the meetings/conference/or Grace Bible College in India host the Winter Teaching Module. Please note that due to airlines and security concerns, travel dates and pricing may change at any time.

    Please fill in the general travel application below. $1,500 is due with the submission of your application. The balance of $2,450 is due in full no later than one month prior to departure. If using a credit card please add a 3% surcharge. All funds are due one month prior to departure.

    Tour and rest: At the end of ministry, we take time to rest and to see a few local sights as tourists. We take special care to plan special events for our guests as a respite before re-entering the return trip home, and a chance for our team to debrief.

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    Note: If your passport expires 6 months after the last date of this trip, it is not valid for this trip and you need to apply for an updated passport as soon as possible

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