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    The cost of the ministry trip is $3950. This includes airline flights, ground transportation, travel and medical (international only) insurance, meals and accommodations, double occupancy (Note: due to airline/security issues, prices may change unexpectedly).

    Expenses not included in the trip: Extended leg room you elect on flights, special diets, single room rates (generally not available), daily internet except when provided by the hotels we stay in. We provide a basic travel and international medical insurance policy with your itinerary, however, you will be responsible for any and all medical costs including your policy deductible and any uncovered costs in the event of an emergency. These uncovered costs may include pre-existing conditions not covered by your international medical insurance policy. Please check your policy thoroughly before departing and make sure you understand coverage provided/not provided.


    If you are raising funds for your trip, individuals may contribute to Indigenous Ministries directly or through your church. Please be sure your church sends Indigenous Ministries funds donated to your account by the deadlines stated. If people give to your support account through IM, IM will report to you the amount of each gift given to your trip as long as each gift to your travel has a note stating it is for your trip. We are not responsible for gifts sent to the office and are not labeled appropriately; they will be deposited in the IM general fund.

    Do you plan to ask people to send money to Indigenous Ministries for your trip?

    Do you need a fundraising letter template for this trip?

    If you are a pastor or elder and need a letter of invitation/explanation to your board?

    Giving funds to a local ministry while you are in another country or when you return:
    No doubt, you will be heart-challenged with the warmth of the people you meet and also the great needs you encounter! We certainly are! We know the Lord uses these times to stir hearts to help. This is a great joy to be a part of. If you feel the Lord leading you to financially support a pastor, church, Bible College student, or a child in the Children’s Home during or after this ministry time, we encourage you to get involved! However:

    Indigenous Ministries funds policy:
    Please channel these funds through our US team leaders to make sure it goes to the best area and to avoid jealousy. This applies to the time you are on the field and after your return to the US. The local national team leads know the needs and work with John to be sure funds are distributed correctly and with accountability.

    please write your initials to indicate you have read the the above and agree to adhere to these policies. *


    Indigenous Ministries seeks to fulfill the specific purpose of working with nationals to encourage, train, and lift them up in their own ministries so that many will be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are privileged to minister alongside some of God’s choicest servants overseas and have been ministering in these areas for many years.

    Since 1998, our ministry has grown and is ongoing. We make every effort to bring our guests into a role of assisting our national teams, not to be a distraction, or provide the temptation for financial gain. We are very conscious to make our ministry time a blessing and not a burden to the nationals. That is why we pay for our way and do not ask the nationals to take care of any of our expenses.

    The footprint we seek to leave is spiritual with preaching, lessons, worship, prayer and fellowship. If you are teaching, your speaking notes will remind participants of the lessons. We encourage the focus to be on the Lord, not a growing dependency on Western relationships, methods and funds. The Holy Spirit is at work in their country just as he is in the US.

    Please ask refrain from exchanging your personal contact information with local team members, pastors, leaders and laypeople. In the moment, it may feel right to give your card to be polite or “stay in touch” later, however, for others it is a stumbling stone and often becomes a way to appeal for funds later.

    For this reason, Indigenous Ministries requests that you do not leave your phone #, email, address, or social media info with anyone on the field. You may receive many social media “friend” requests after your visit; as you will be looked up. Please use extreme caution in accepting “friend” requests on social media. Some (maybe friends of the one you have friended) will use this as a way to contact you and your contacts and exploit them for funds and relationships.

    Remember, your “friendship” is not needed in order for your trip to be used by God to bring him glory. That is not why we have invited you to minister with us. Thank you.

    How to help a healthy manner:

    1. Prayer; if you’ve agreed to pray for someone, please do so; your prayers will make a difference and you are welcome to contact John and check on the pastor or student’s progress.

    2. Support; you may want to get involved regularly with your finances. If the Lord leads you personally and your church to do so, your financial investment into this field through the proper channels of our office in the US and field office will yield many years of fruitful ministry. Your support will be given with accountability and ongoing encouragement. We are committed to the long-term investment and welcome your partnership.

    3. Return; prayerfully consider making application to return and continue to invest your time with us into this field.

    With many years of experience, we’ve learned that a focused ministry team and trip is one that God uses and blesses. Money, possessions and access to information of a USA pastor/team member that someone else locally does not have steers many off track, bringing many issues in its wake you cannot possibly imagine.


    Please read and complete the signature below showing that you are in agreement:

    • I understand that I am a part of an Indigenous Ministries International team and as such will conduct myself in a way as to honor the Lord Jesus, and IM and the local ministry, including unique cultural differences. Everything I do reflects the Lord Jesus Christ, this team, and Indigenous Ministries.

    • I agree not to distribute my personal contact info except through Indigenous Ministries US office to anyone I am ministering to overseas.

    • I agree to represent in my personal conversations, messages and/or teaching sessions Indigenous Ministries’ Statement of Faith (found on Indigenous Ministries’s website:• While I may have some small personal differences, in the interest of unity and consistency, I agree not to initiate conflict in this area which could cause confusion.

    • I further agree that any money I or the church(es) I represent wish to give to the overseas field before, during or after my trip will be given through Indigenous Ministries with John Cook’s prior full knowledge and approval.

    STATEMENT OF TRUTH FOR APPLICATION: By signing below I agree that I have filled out this application accurately and to the best of my ability have not mis-represented myself or others.

    Release of Liability:

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    I, acknowledge that I have volunteered to participate in traveling on this trip with Indigenous Ministries International. I hereby agree to accept any and all risk of injury and verify this statement by placing my signature below.

    I hereby agree that I, my assignees, heirs, distributees, guardians, and legal representatives will not make a claim against, sue, or attach the property of Indigenous Ministries International, its directors, officers, agents, employees, or volunteers. This release is intended to be broad in its effect.

    REFUNDS/CHANGES: By signing below, I understand that my airline tickets will be non-refundable 30 days from departure date. For any additions or changes to my airline tickets initiated by myself, I am responsible for these additional fees and fare changes plus a $100 administrative fee.

    CANCELLATION POLICY: If I cancel this trip less than 45 days from departure, Indigenous Ministries will refund the balance less an administrative fee of $200 and any airline cancellation penalties. I understand that my airline ticket may not be refundable depending on date or fare class purchased.If I cancel the trip less 30 days from departure, Indigenous Ministries will refund the balance of $2450 less an administrative fee of $200, and less 15% of $2450 to cover cancellation costs for reservations which will already have been made overseas. No refunds will be made 20 days or later prior to a trip, or during the trip.

    CHANGING ITINERARY: If any guests changes their mind while on the field, or is asked to leave early by the US team leadership for any reason, and returns to the US or travel to another country ahead or after the scheduled itinerary, they may be responsible for making their own travel arrangements. Any guests who leaves early will be responsible for any and all transportation, food, hotel, airline travel and any other expenses this may incur. Travel insurance may or may not cover these expenses.

    ACCEPTANCE: All applications are reviewed by Indigenous Ministries CEO and board and are subject to approval.

    TAX DEDUCTION: Indigenous Ministries is a tax deductible 501(c)(3). All checks should be made out to Indigenous Ministries.

    CONFIDENTIALITY: All information given on this form is held in confidence and will not be shared with any individual or organization outside Indigenous Ministries International.

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