Miriam Found Alive!

One of the most incredible stories for Indigenous Ministries this year is that Miriam has been found alive! We thank the Lord! Many of you prayed with us last year as one of our own Indigenous Ministries’ Egyptian team member, Miriam, 24, was kidnapped, abused, and weeks later, her family was told she had been beheaded. We were heartsick and deeply grieved as her disappearance was just 1 week before her marriage. She served with our ministry 8 months teaching Arabic to girls literacy courses, computer and Biblical training. This is all banned in Islam in Egypt.


Just yesterday, I received word from our team lead in Egypt that Miriam was found in Cairo. She has been a captive, her head was shaved, she was beaten, brutally abused and was forced to convert to Islam. But she is safe. She escaped her horrible captors and is being kept in a safe place until her case is heard this week before the civil rights court for these human rights violations. The court will give her Christian status back to her because of the violations. Her abductors have been captured and will stand trial. Miriam is shaken, physically healing and recovering from her ordeal. She is, however, in another horrible predicament. She cannot return to her family and village at least for a year because of what has happened to her. She will be challenged with the emotional and physical scars and the stigma on her.


She will have to live elsewhere until her issues are settled. I am working with our Middle East Coordinator, Pastor Philip, along with my wife, Dee, the Director of Beautiful International to find a safe country we can send her to. We will not abandon this precious young woman who loves the Lord and has served with us in ministry. Of course this picture above is not Miriam, but a symbol of women who are abused and whose lives Beautiful International are touching and reaching with the Gospel. I’m asking for an initial $5,000 to help pay for Miriam’s human rights attorney and send her to a safe place for at least one year. This will buy a plane ticket, room, board, counseling and livelihood training for her. This won’t cover everything but its a start; it will be an encouragement to her.

Specifically this is what we can join together to help Miriam: Pray for Miriam that God would grant her peace of heart.Pray for a place where we can safely have Miriam healed, ministered to Pray for those that abducted her; that they would renounce their sin and trust Christ as their Savior. The Lord reminds us to pray for those who despitefully use us. Would you stand with Dee and me and our ministry team in Egypt in prayers and financial support as we reach out to help in this crisis? We are asking the Lord for $5000 right now to be able to respond to this need. Thank you and God bless you.

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