On Saturday April 13 Iran launched 120 ballistic missiles with payloads of up 1,600 pounds, more than 30 cruise missiles and over 170 drones headed to Israel. Thankfully, most were intercepted, and many by our own brave US forces in the region including Iraq.

This scene was witnessed in sheer terror by many in Iraq including our refugee children, families and our own Indigenous Ministries team members. With little to no time to prepare, most didn’t know if they were being attacked or what was happening as the sky lit up with trails, explosions and rocket parts falling. For the rest of the night there was a period of great concern and a feeling that they were repeating the horrors of wars they have all experienced in Iraq and Syria. Thankfully no one was injured and everyone is safe.

The decisions being made in Israel, the US and Iraq effect so many, many innocent lives. This is an opportunity for world leaders to lay down weapons and sue for peace and for the future of this fragile region. God almighty who sways the hearts and minds of leaders is sovereign and in control of all things including the Middle East.

Pray for peace and for the spirit of division and confusion to overshadow leadership in Iran. Pray for pastors and church leaders as they minister week after week; for strength, courage, wisdom and unwavering faith in the Lord. Pray for parents as they comfort and protect their families.

Dee A. Cook, CEO