Our global church planting initiative is endeavoring to begin with 200 trained pastors in establishing churches in the most difficult of places. What we are asking individuals to do is to stand with us and support the work of the Lord in reaching a needy people in limited access countries. You have the opportunity through our ministry to make a difference in the lives of people who are facing crisis on a personal level and that need the Lord Jesus Christ. Oftentimes we have the privilege of seeing people reaching out to our pastors in the midst of the most difficult of circumstances only to find their comfort in the Lord Jesus Christ. Through your support and partnership, you give us the opportunity to be propelled forward in what God called us to accomplish, the Great Commission.

Grace Bible College

Chapel_ConstructionSince 2003, Grace Bible College in India has been effectively training Indian national men and women with one to three years of Biblical instruction and preparing them for full-time ministry. With 180 graduates to date, 98% of the graduates are now in ministry all over India as pastors, in church planting, and/or other ministries and each month they are seeing hundreds come to Christ. How is GBC and the students’ education supported? Each student pays fees for his or her education and depending on their financial situation, they are eligible for scholarships which are provided by financial supporters of GBC in India and, in part by Indigenous Ministries Student Sponsors.India: The Grace Bible College campus building project is underway with a goal of making a place where 300 students will be trained for full-time ministry in India. The first building is the chapel. Read more

Global Church Planting

Church_PlantingEngage in sponsoring a Church Planter. Sponsoring a Church Planting Pastor helps men in the Middle East, India, and donate-here-flare-200Southeast Asia to have the resources they need to reach out to their communities, minister the gospel and disciple believers. You will receive a packet with information on your sponsored Pastor with a picture and bio. You can communicate with him through our office. Thank you for investing for a lifetime! Partner with IM to sponsor the Global Church Planting Initiative – Middle East: Indigenous Ministries has three church plants (since 2011) in Egypt, one of which is currently engaged in a building project.

Pastor’s Conferences

Pastors_ConferenceThere is a statement that says, “If you want an education, get a Seminary Degree, but if you want transformation, attend a seminar.” Indigenous Ministries facilitates opportunities for U.S. Pastors to teach in conferences and schools in the countries that we serve. We expect at every opportunity to bring a blessing to our national counterparts. We extend an invitation to you to partner with us in the ministry of the Word and personal prayer and encouragement of the International Church through Indigenous Ministries. For dates and availability, email us at Info@IndigenousMinistries.org

Adventure With Us

CompassMany of our trips consist of serving the Lord in multiple places around the world. We invite you to come along with us to experience the ministry taking place, and engaging with what the Lord Jesus is doing in these regions and lands. Adventure with us to see the Lord continue his work in expanding the kingdom, and be encouraged to see the work of the Lord continue to move forward. Read more

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