2021 Egypt Nat’l Pastors’ Conference

After a COVID-induced hiatus last year, IM’s Pastors’ Conference resumed this September with the largest attendance ever. 70 pastors from Egypt and Iraq (our IM team members) gathered in what may become a “Middle East” and not just “Egypt” Conference, worshiping and studying the theme “The Impact of the Trinity on Your Life and Ministry.” Speakers from the U.S., Egypt, and Iraq led the daily sessions, with John Cook sharing powerful, motivational messages each evening. Each session was led in powerful times of musical worship as well.

Pastors spent time together in study, prayer, and fellowship that was desperately needed. These men preach 5-6 times each week in their churches, shepherd their people, and are dealing with deep physical and spiritual needs. Many serve in Upper Egypt where conditions are less-developed and persecution is a recent memory and potential threat. Yet the joy of their worship was infectious and inspiring, and their excitement to see us and each other after our one-year absence was powerful. So many gave testimony of gaining new understanding as we studied this doctrine that is attacked by Muslims and misunderstood by many Christians. Over and over again, they thanked us for this theme and approach. Another well received session was one on the need to forgive. Pastors shared how much they appreciated the exhortation they received to forgive especially in light of Islam’s harsh doctrines, ongoing persecution and personal hurts.

One special blessing was a significant gift that enabled us to have 80 copies of the best book on the doctrine of the Trinity in Arabic printed, shipped, and then given to each pastor in attendance. God With Us and Without Us was used by the speakers for material and then sent home as a continuing ministry. Other gifts provided the scholarships, facility, food and transportation costs so that this conference was fully funded. It is a rich privilege for us to serve these dedicated servants of the Lord who work in such difficult places.

We want to say a heartfelt thanks to our Indigenous Ministries ministry partners who heard of the need for funding for this vital event and gave generously to see it happen. Your responsiveness and concern for these men of God in the Middle East is a blessing that will bear fruit for many years to come. – Craig Miller