Nepal Relief Update

IMG_6363Tonight, as you sleep, there is the sound of a powerful diesel motor echoing on the open plains of Northern India on the road, bringing vital supplies to Nepal. Just last night, the last of the supplies were loaded onto the lori (Indian Semi truck) carrying its load to Katmandu, then to push into the inter mountain region of Nepal.

With your giving, tents to house families, tarps to give protection from the elements, IMG_6361hundreds of bottles of water purification tablets to make tens of thousands of gallons of water safe to drink, and corrugated tin sheets for rebuilding of  two Villages, are making the five day, over the road journey to this remote area. One of our most trusted of young pastors and Dean of Grace Bible College, is riding and overseeing this transport of essentials to make sure that they go to the intended villages. This truck makes up a convoy of eight lorries, or trucks, traveling into Nepal, with relief supplies.

IMG_6344While the damage in Kathmandu is significant and staggering, Nepal’s government has requested that international relief efforts focus on outlying villages and that’s exactly what we are doing. Vision Nationals, a sister ministry, based in Central East Coast of India, who John and Dee worked with personally in 1997 are partnering again to meet this need.  Joel Garrison, a personal friend and co-laborer with VN, will assist in distributing to two villages through the National ministry team. We are privileged to partner together again with them.

One of the pastors in these villages, Pastor Lalit, whose home was completely destroyed along with the rest of theIMG_6343 homes in the village, shared that the needs are especially for shelters.  In response, we are providing the needed immediate and long term supplies for shelters, as the monsoons are coming. Another need at this time is a water treatment plant, costing $25,000.  Please pray for the safety of the drivers and teams as these trucks traverse dangerous roads and reach their destinations safely.  Thank you for partnering with us in meeting needs and sharing Christ to those devastated in Nepal.  If you would like to donate to the Nepal Relief Project please click the blue donate button on the right.

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