Nepal Relief/Iraq Relief

IMG_5154The earthquake of April 25 in Nepal continues to unfold details of a trail of devastation affecting millions. The pictures taken by associates show just a sample of the heartache and long term needs we all are so concerned about.

While the damage in Kathmandu is significant and staggering, Nepal’s government has requested that international relief efforts focus on outlying villages.

Indigenous Ministries is engaged in working with our sister ministry in the region which is working initially in two very remote areas. One of the pastors of these villages, Pastor Lalit, whose home was completely destroyed along with the rest of the homes in the village, shared with me that the needs are:

IMG_5151Shelter – we are providing tarps, tents and tin sheets for roofing; the monsoons are coming in June. The other needs are water purification and food packets.

Dee and I will be in New Delhi in May after we finish leading the Israel tour. We will be going into Nepal and checking into the needs that are there and how we can best work with the local pastors and churches to help the people.

As the Lord lead, please give generously and we will use these funds carefully and prayerfully.

IRAQ RELIEF EFFORTS – We continue to send relief aid to help Iraqi refugees in northern Iraq and nearby areas as the funding comes in. In Baghdad, this month, we are helping a number of Sunni Iraqi refugees fleeing ISIS (yes, ISIS is Sunni). The pastor who is working with these people is a pastor of the church in Baghdad that we helped plant over 10 years ago. These Muslims said to him “We are Sunni but we love Jesus and reject ISIS.” Please pray for these families as they receive relief and the Good News of the love of Jesus that their hearts would respond. Because you are praying and giving we continue to be able to help thousands of Iraqis. God bless you. We are together making a difference in lives of thousands.

TO DONATE TO THE NEPAL OR IRAQ RELIEF go to the blue donate button on the right.

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