New IM Ministry in Iraq Hello

Pastor John Cook and Fadi, IM staff, in front of Indigenous Ministries new Ministry Center, Iraq

They don’t know it (yet), but the activities which neighbors are observing in a building in N. Iraq are actually answers to two years of prayers for a much-needed Ministry Center. Thank you for praying! When we first saw it, the building was, quite frankly, a mess. It was dirty, in disrepair, and many of the windows were broken, so for the last three months, these neighbors have also observed cleaners and repairmen traipsing in and out, as well as our staff. Amid the flurry, ministry already has begun as refugees have come and gone, picking up food packages.

With a multi-purpose intent, this center provides a home for Indigenous Ministries’ to better facilitate personal, spiritual and relationship growth of nationals in Iraq which will impact Iraq and the Middle East for years to come. Activities include children’s lessons in English and Kurdish languages, music and art, youth Bible studies, discipleship and leadership training. We will also have a large enough place to hold women’s ministry and men’s ministry activities. One of the biggest needs is trauma counseling and classes to help families move on from post-war effects.

Middle East Theological College will also have a place for our classes (which are filling up fast!). As a special “extra,” we will also be able to house up to four pastors (or others in full time ministry) at a time who, for the first time, will be able to attend Bible college. Most can barely afford the tuition let alone a hotel bill two weeks at a time for a module. We’re thankful God has made this possible.

We’ve been asked about safety. How safe is this venture? For now things are quiet, however, in an area of the Middle East filled with shifting uneasiness and friction, we have no guarantees of peace and safety. But we don’t feel that waiting is the solution either, because our young people in the Child Sponsorship Programs are growing up; many with no future and no hope.

Pastors and church leaders are very excited now that they have heard about METC and we believe God will bless. Please pray with us for the vital ministry of METC.

In March we’ll have an open house for the ministry center and we will invite those in ministry leadership in the region.
Expenses: The cost for setting this center is $25,000 and yet God has already provided 64%; we’re so grateful for the $16,000 which has been already given to this outreach center. Additionally we will have operating costs, however, we are working to have approximately 60-70% of these covered through tuition and fees. If the Lord leads you to help with this project, add the words “Erbil Ministry Center” to your gift either on your check. You can also give to the general fund on the website (“Donate”) and in the memo section add the words “Erbil Ministry Center.”