Number of Refugee Children in Program Hits 225!

One of the boys shows he is able to lift the 15# sack of rice to take to his mother at our latest food distribution to refugee families. The response to the food packets has been overwhelmingly favorable; families are very grateful.

Early in the morning recently, the Indigenous Ministries Iraq team headed to a town previously occupied by ISIS, where families gathered in a large room waiting for the opportunity to enroll their children into IM’s program, which will help them as they re-settle.

Hope is no small thing for these families caught in the post-war nightmare. Unemployment is as high as 36% in areas, and most homes are uninhabitable, yet UNHCR care and maintenance assistance is being phased out and refugee camps closed leaving most refugees little or no choice to move back to the very places they were driven from.

We’re deeply honored to be part of their journeys and thank each one of you who are sponsoring refugee children. Your response continues to be humbling to our staff both here in the US and in Iraq. They continue to ask that we thank you on their behalf.

Sarah continues to make profile cards of their precious lives we know the Lord loves. Of the 225 children, 117 are sponsored. Call Sarah at the office today to sponsor several of these kids. Or you can quickly do it on our website,, on the righthand side. God Bless You!

Update on Sound System for the Smile Team: All the funds are in! Thank you to those who responded so rapidly to the email request for $3,500! This will help thousands of Iraqi school children hear an uplifting and fun program with the Gospel each month.
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