One Child’s Heart at a Time

Have you joined our growing team of child sponsors? You may have had a typical spring planting flowers or breaking out your bike, but here at IM, our spring has been…well, a bit crazy! And it’s really just begun.

Last fall we began our Refugee Child Sponsorship Program helping Iraqi and Syrian Refugee kids with an initial goal of getting 125 kids sponsored. In May we celebrated reaching that goal! That means more kids are receiving nutritious food, being encouraged, mentored and hearing the Gospel every mont

Mryana with two of our kids in a refugee camp during a recent food distribution.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors and our team in Iraq, we are thrilled that 140 kids are now sponsored. One thing we’ve learned in working with refugee families is that they truly appreciate the monthly visits, food packets and meetings for the kids. They are truly grateful to you.

We’re now on our way to the next level of 300 kids in the program being sponsored. Word is getting out! KLOVE Radio has shared Indigenous Ministries’ ministry, we’ve been on TV, multiple churches across the US have launched the Refugee Child Sponsorship Program, and this month IM teams will share at IFCA National Conference in South Bend, Indiana and the Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference in Denver.

On June 30, look for us at the FishFest Concert in Anaheim with over 16,000 in attendance; we are one of 20 booths. If you’re there, stop by and see us!

Sponsor one of these precious kids today! Stop by our website and on the right click “Sponsor a Child.” For $39/month you can really help a child. For $78, you help two and for $117 three kids are better off!

Food packets mean families have better nutrition for their kids.

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