Opening Doors for Future Impact

Recently I was privileged to meet with several government officials of Northern Iraq. Our ministry has gained a reputation for helping people, both physically and spiritually. I spoke to two friends of mine who are in the Department of Religion who made it possible for me to meet with the Head Minister, second in position to the President, and an advisor to the Prime Minister of Kurdistan. In our conversations together, I had the privilege of listening to their needs and to understand their concerns, looking for ways we can assist working the government as the refugee crisis continues. As I met with these men, they asked me directly, “Can you help us?” Trusting to the sovereign call of God, I responded, “Yes, we will continue to do what we have been doing and continue to coordinate with you.”

We have been so thankful to the Lord for the government that has both given us permission to work and is seeking for us to continue to help, and in the process, see people come to a saving knowledge of the Lord. This gives us a stronger position to work from as we deepen our relationship within the country of Iraq. Thank you for your prayers and our partnership to share the hope that we have in Jesus Christ.

John W. Cook, CEO