Partnering with Local Iraqi Churches

Local Iraqi Churches Respond to Crisis and Partner with Indigenous Ministries Bringing Aid to Refugees. As a ministry, we are partnering with churches in Iraq to help the Christian refugees. In the headline photo above, you see some of our Brothers and Sisters who are reaching out to Christian refugees with food, water, personal supplies. They are also, yes you are seeing right, dressing up as Snow White, clowns, etc., to bring smiles to the refugee children and share the Gospel with song and testimonies. Response has been great.

Iraq-2014-08-18-1In the last number of weeks, some have asked, “How is the local church in Iraq responding to this crisis?” Below are photos of the frontline of care the local church is giving in this crisis. Please keep in mind that Iraqi churches have been helping many Syrian refugees who have fled to Iraq the past couple of years to escape the violence in Syria. Now with this new crisis of Christians and (Shia) Muslims fleeing ISIS, the local churches are “tapped out” and greatly appreciate our help to meet the huge and growing demand placed on them. See picture on the right: Indigenous Ministries’ relief supplies prepared for distribution August 7 by local Iraqi church members.

Iraq-2014-08-18-2A church in Iraq we’re partnering with is using funds we as a ministry have sent from the Iraqi Relief Fund to set up a place for 50 families to take shelter on their church property. This includes sleeping mats, cooking stoves, gas cylinders and food. Church court-yard where 50 refugee families will be staying – see photo on the left. Iraq-2014-08-18-3Men from local Iraq church getting sleeping mats ready for refugees. Women from local Iraq church set up cook stoves for refugees – below.

We will continue to share updates with you as we get them. Thank you for the prayers for the refugees and those ministering to them, and the generous financial gifts you are entrusting us with. We are aware this is a special trust and are working hard to make sure the funds are targeted to help as many refugees as possible. Your prayers are so very important. Please continue to pray.

Iraq-2014-08-18-4T Shirts helping with AID: In the last email update, I shared a link with you; in case you haven’t had time to check it out, here’s a great way to join with us, make a donation and get a T Shirt:
Here’s a link for a business that sells custom T Shirts: They are donating half the price of each shirt purchased – with “We are …” next to the Indigenous Ministries logo in the middle of the page – to the Iraqi Relief Fund. Great idea! Thanks, PR127!

We invite you to respond to this crisis and reach out with Indigenous Ministries to our Brothers and Sisters in Iraq. Can you help us help them?

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