Pastors’ Conf Brings Refreshment and Encouragement Amid
Growing Middle East Tensions

IM 2022 ME Pastors’ and Church Leaders Conference, Egypt

Psalm 23: I wonder when it was that David first thought the phrase, “the Lord is my shepherd.” Maybe it was on a sunny day as he led his sheep to pastures where the forage was deep and plentiful. Or perhaps it was during a time when a path opened up to expose a pool of dark and cool fresh water and he watched as the sheep drank deeply. As he considered and chose paths through the wilderness and the places he led his flock day after day, I am sure that David began to understand that the Lord was a shepherd. But when did he consider that the Lord was his shepherd?

Perhaps he was sitting on a rock over-looking his sheep quietly grazing, or one night as he watched a little lamb lay down next to its mother under the vast sky adorned with stars that he thought to himself, “the Lord is my shepherd.” He also realized that even when his heart wandered that the Lord faithfully walked with him, guiding and leading him.

John W. Cook CEO

Many of our pastors this past week shared how life-changing this Pastors’ Conference in Egypt has been for them. They shared that the consistency and depth of the teaching and preaching of the Word of God have been a constant source of encouragement and spiritual refreshment. This week, many also said they were deepened in their understanding of the Word of God and they made a commitment to be a better shepherd to the people that God has called them too. Pastor Mena who ministers in Alexandria shared with me that because of years of encouragement and teaching from our conferences, the Lord has brought growth to the church and people have trusted Christ as Savior.

As you have prayed for and supported this conference to assist us in putting this on, the result of this partnership is a rich history of fruit in the lives of the pastors, the life of the Church and communities in Egypt. Thank you and may the Lord bless you for your partnership in reaching a world for Christ through the national pastors.

And the things you have heard me say

in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people

who will also be qualified to teach others. II Timothy 2:2

Hani, our translator and Craig,

Pastor Magd

John Cook

Testimonials of Middle East pastors who attended the conference:

This is my fifth conference with IM. It was more than wonderful in all aspects with arrangement, study and the way to explain the message.  The impact in my life is that I will be a channel through which the Gospel is passed from one generation to another, and that I will mentor and disciple more, and leave behind a leader who teaches others after me.

This is my fourth conference with IM. It was very good – educational, spiritual and practical, and the conference affected my life through biblical education as I decided to spend more time in the Bible. The impact on my life is to be a better leader and spiritual guide and spend more time in the Bible. 

This is my third conference with IM. The topics of the conference are distinguished and the lecturers are more than wonderful and anointed with the Holy Spirit. The idea of discipleship in life has been deepened in me. The teaching and brotherly love between these leaders and pastors was most impactful to me. I will focus better on discipleship and ministry in the church with concern for my personal life and the life of holiness.

This is my first conference with IM. It was wonderful; may the Lord bless you; the biblical and spiritual teachings were very good. The most impactful thing was the power of the Word – choosing leaders first honest and then competent – delegating others and leaving the service to them. The idea of God taking you into the wilderness to be with him. I have decided to sit more with the Word of God and then to delegate more to others without fear of them taking my place.