Payatas Children Scholars Graduate With Honors

We were delighted to be invited to attend the Graduation and Awards Ceremony at Promise Land Christian School at Payatas, Quezon City. Two of our sponsored kindergarten students graduated with top honors.

In addition, the first top 10 ranking in their individual grades from Kindergarten 1 to Grade IV were our sponsored students. Of the total 50 sponsored students, 21 of them finished strong, meaning that 40% of our students are high scholastic achievers!!

This tells us that parents who scavenger in a dumpsite and their children can’t and shouldn’t be defined by their circumstances. They just need to be afforded opportunities for better education and mentoring to make wise choices. And definitely there is such gratitude and joy written all over the faces of both students and their parents as they experience God’s daily faithfulness and provision to each and every need. God took all the praise and worship!!! – Resty & Mel Enguerra. Read their entire newsletter on IM’s website under “about us/our team/meet our team/the Enguerras.

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