PHILIPPINES – A word from a teacher working with the children in IM’S Child Sponsorship Program in the Payatas Dumpsite: Teachers are doing their best to fulfill their duties as facilitators and academic guide yet endure the shortcomings regarding equipment. It is even harder for parents or guardians of students in modular type of learning who have been taking the place of an academic teacher in their homes to fulfill the need of the student to understand every lesson. For students in modular type of learning, it is really difficult because they do not have enough equipment such as smartphone, laptop or desktop, and internet connection. They are the ones who endure all the negative effects of this pandemic which is not limited to scarcity of equipment. Although they have time allotment for other questions or instructions to be answered by their teachers every day, they still suffer on how to contact through unstable data connection. Above all, they are having a terrible hard time of learning relying on their own way. Thank you for your prayers and support for these teachers, students and families especially now. Jude 24 & 25

Hunger: Each family the Indigenous Ministries teams work with in the Philippines are day labors who have lost any income. Donors have enabled the purchase and distribution of hundreds of food packs to these families. But, day by day, the need is growing. Would you like to help these families in the Philippines? Join us in radical generosity to alleviate hunger right now:

Food Packs: Food packs are $20 per family; Resty and Mel are working with local teams to distribute the food. You can donate online at and donate to “Southeast Asia” for this specific need (credit cards and bank acc’t #s accepted). You can also mail in your check and make a note in your check’s memo “Southeast Asia Food Packs.” – Resty and Mel Enguerra, IM Southeast Asia Coordinators

November 2020: Supplemental food distribution continues to 45 families in Payatas and 32 families in Cupang, Antipolo to help offset the severe challenges of COVID

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