Philippines Trip Update – Life Transformations

“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work among you will complete it by the day of Christ Jesus.”  Phil 1:6

When God ordains it, He makes it happen and He is in charge. And so, it is—with quarantine restrictions lifted, we flew into Manila April 14th and returned to the US on 4/29/22. It was a very short super busy two weeks but God accomplished much for us!

The church is bursting to the seams! Over 65 adults and 150 kids of all ages attending church on a given Sunday, in a 30 square meter area. That means the overflow is unto the street and across with the kids’ Sunday school held on the adjacent hillside slopes!! The pandemic did not stop the believers and seekers from discovering and gleaning on God’s Word. Under the faithful guidance of Pastor Gerald and Violy (our volunteer staff) there’s: three (3) localities with Weekly Home Bible study groups (17-25 each in attendance) Monthly Bible study amongst mothers and their Scholarship sponsored children (35 total).

“The human heart plans the way, but the Lord directs the steps.” – Proverbs 16:9
The initial plan of building the worship center over an existing structure changed. Instead, a better opportunity presented itself: purchase a lot size of 188 sqm providing easier access for believers and seekers to come from 2 larger localities instead of climbing over fences to reach them.  Our meeting with Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippine (CBAP) General Director to discuss partnership in assisting us secure the property was with good results; also had favorable approval from the Village Homeowner Association Council where the future Church will be built. Please be in prayer with us for funding of the property and church building to come in.

“Jail..Prison..Detention Center.. Incarceration” What thoughts, feelings, emotions are evoked upon hearing it? What if you go onsite to visit?

Upon the invitation of our Prison Ministry partner, Engr. Ernesto (Ian) Monasterial, Lead Pastor of JESUS OUR HOPE FAMILY CHURCH— we visited Taytay Rizal Detention Center, one of the prison outreaches they minister to. Majority offense in this place is drug related with smaller percentage of other reasons. Resty and I were gratefully surprised by the ambiance felt and seen in this place. We were told that when they first came to the ministry sites, the places were wreaking of urine smell, restlessness, apprehension, skepticism and one time a face-to-face altercation with knife involved. As we visited, the prison house was clean/ orderly and inmates well groomed. They were all peacefully seated on the floor singing worship songs then later performing praise dances. Painted amongst their faces now was expectant Hope in Christ, surrendered to His promises, with hunger to hear more from His Word. As the Guest Speaker—a former sentenced for life inmate, released and given freedom, transformed and now a Pastor, preached and ministered; each inmate was held captive by Christ’s transformed personal message to them.

JESUS OUR HOPE Jail Ministry has 30 ministry volunteers who were former inmates and now serve tirelessly. They serve in the areas of food distribution to the inmates and their families, as well as in the Weekly Bible studies and Worship Program at the jail. In existence is a few months old “ KUBO” or a Halfway House outreach headed by a former prisoner himself. He advocates for the release of deserving inmates who have no access to justice department and the court houses and thus are being kept incarcerated much longer than necessary. To date he has facilitated the release of 60 inmates. First and foremost, in his outreach is ensuring the ex-felons are plugged in and are continuing to grow in the knowledge of Christ (heart transformation first) then reformation happens. He also assists in practical ways by housing those who have no family or home to go to; training them to serve the community as servants of Christ.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Cupang Outreach
As God confirms/allows it, to have the funding towards purchase of lot property for future church building. All permits and necessary documents completed for submission. Church leadership to have wisdom, discernment, and unity as they proceed with the purchase and eventually build the church structure.
Ministry Partners: Pastor Gerald, Violy (our volunteer staff) Precy and Romy Guiang with daughter Danielle are all strategic church leaders. Please pray that each one continues to be fully committed, filled with the joy of serving Christ with extra measures of health and energy.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Angono and Taytay Prison Ministry
Continued favor before God and men (particularly the Philippine National Police) who grant them access to the inmates in proclaiming and teaching God’s Word
Protection from the evil one—no harm/illness to befall them as they minister to inmates and families
For the inmates to continue having hearts soft and open to God’s Word
Cont’d transformed lives of inmates and released ones including families. Jesus their Hope and Anchor as they navigate life and serve in the community

Again, as always, thank you for praying for us as we travelled to the Philippines. We stayed healthy and energetic as we daily tackled God’s duties/appointments for us. We were amply supplied and enabled by Him. Thank you for your tireless generosity in prayers and finances. – Resty and Mel Enguerra. “A generous person will be prosperous, And one who gives others plenty of water will himself be given plenty.” Proverbs 11:25 

To read their newsletter, visit Bamboo Journey. If you’d like to donate to their work in SEA (Southeast Asia), go to, in the dropdown select “Southeast Asia – Resty & Mel Enguerra.”