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This month we are focused on the Philippines, a beautiful and diverse country populated by some of the world’s most gracious people. Poverty has a grip on many and in the poorest areas, families are significantly challenged for daily substance. God is at work, however, in a dumpsite outside of Quezon City called Payatas, with a population of half a million souls. 

This is where Resty and Mel Enguerra minister with other nationals sharing the Gospel, helping with food, medical aid and entrepreneurship for those who are willing to take the training. With 50 children from this dumpsite in the IM Child Sponsorship Program, some of you reading this are responsible for praying for and sponsoring these children. Thank you!  Below, Resty and Mel share an update of the work in Payatas and how God is transforming lives. 

The months of February, March and April 2019 were busy months/days for us at the Payatas Dumpsite community. Education is the overarching theme of all our efforts and activities for these 3 months. Why Education?

1. A 6-Classroom building with Computer lab was inaugurated on Feb. 23, 2019 at Promise Land Christian School of Payatas (pictured above) with representatives from our donor/partner Philippine Luxembourg Society. The gift was not solely for the School but for the marginalized community as well — Education alleviates poverty and creates opportunities for a fulfilled future. 

2. A Holistic approach to education incorporates Health in its totality (Physical, Mental and Spiritual). Thus, the Health Awareness Day: Medical/ Dental Clinics and Health Classes with Mel’s Nursing Classmates volunteering to serve in both. These photos show some of the volunteers and patients. 

More Health classes that have been conducted: repeat Cardiovascular Diseases on 3/30/19; Pulmonary Diseases on 4/27/19; Common Cancers in May. Future classes on Mental Health: No to Depression and Stress; Diabetes: Sweet Nothings. All these Classes were facilitated by me (Mel) and a few other retired classmates specialized in these fields. Majority of my Nursing Classmates who volunteered to serve at Payatas remarked that the experience gave them a fresh outlook. Most are retired and from the comfortable USA. To experience first-hand the plight of the marginalized poor in Payatas challenged them individually to re-evaluate and re-tread retirement — years of expertise and gifting can be harnessed for the advantage of both receiver and giver! 

4. Achieving Peak Performance through Improved Memory Skills and Critical Thinking Educational modules were recently completed the last two weeks this April for the faculty staff of Promise Land Christian School. These classes conducted by Professor Rey Alejaga were designed to enhance the teachers’ teaching skills to impart to their students and challenge them to pursue higher education for a brighter future. Intentionally, the spiritual aspects of learning is integrated in Education to make it purposeful

Enguerra Updates…

We will be back in California from May 28 to August 28, 2019!  

It’s a time to CELEBRATE:

1. Yearly Health Maintenance checkup visits with our doctors.

2. Ministry Partners: Share what God had done and continues to do in our Bamboo Journey here in the Philippines

3. And most importantly BE PRESENT when our FIRST GRANDCHILD arrives. Our youngest daughter Jessi and son-in-law Brent Baer are expecting their first born first week of July. 

Prayer Requests:

1. Normal, healthy safe delivery of new baby for Jessi and Brent Baer in July.

2. Continued health for both Resty and Mel. The Manila summer temperatures are oppressive, but we continue to visit Payatas and Cupang communities.

3. Provisions to fund the worship center at Cupang new believer’s community.

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