Preparing for School with the Sponsorship Kids in Egypt Program

On September 13, all the children in Indigenous Ministries’ Egypt Child Sponsorship Program were together for a very special day with the US team.  Everyone had been looking forward to this day – and also meeting the new guests.  With Indigenous Ministries’ CEO John Cook and his wife, Dee and IM Middle East Coordinator Reda Khalil from the Colorado Springs office were US guests Jerry and Cathy Magnuson, Pastor Loyal May, Pastor John Davidson and Pastor Paul Williamson.  

After special greetings and a word from John, the team led by Pastor Emad got down to handing out the school backpacks and supplies to all the children.  Everyone was pretty excited and happy for their new school things.  The sponsorships provide clothing for the children at Christmas and Easter and regular food for the families – all of which are single parent. 

Seeing the difference in these children from the day they came into the program and now is amazing.  They were thin, quiet and shy.  Our meetings are busy and filled with laughter, singing and bouncy, healthy children.  Thank you to our sponsors for being part of the hands and feet of the Lord to these children.  A special thank you to our staff in Egypt who work tirelessly with the children weekly investing in them love and care. 

Psalm 103:1 & 2, in the Message, reads: “O my soul, bless God  From head to toe, I’ll bless his holy name!  O my soul, bless God,  don’t forget a single blessing!”

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