In January 2017 dozens of volunteers from all over the US came together in Red Bluff, CA to sort and catalogue 15,000 books and prepare them for shipment overseas. Two weeks of focused, intensive, hard work brought us to the center picture – a container full of books bound for India.

A few weeks later they arrived at Grace Bible College campus. It was an epic project, and sharing these photos again is an important reminder of how far the Grace Bible College Library Project has come, and how much so many have invested in these students.

Other campus projects have been in the forefront and now it’s time to FINISH the library!

What’s the need? $12,000 to buy the bookshelves, desks and chairs so the books can finally be shelved and used. Use the Gift List below and pick your amount!

GBC Library Project Suggested Gift List

$25 – 1 chair

$50 – 1 desk & chair

$75 – 1 computer desk

$100 – 1 bookshelf

$200 – 2 bookshelves

$500 – 5 bookshelves

$1,000 – 10 bookshelves

Your generous gift to the GBC Library Fund will make a significant difference to the student body this coming school year (which begins the first week of July) and for many years to come. Thank you so very much for your generous assistance.


Here are three projects this spring on the GBC campus.  A new entrance and gate is now in place.

The motorcycle belonging to one of the GBC teachers; he almost lost his life in an accident in May and is still recovering.

A water catchment system is being installed just before the monsoon season begins later this month to capture precious water.

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” II Timothy 2:2. NIV
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