Pushing Back Against the Darkness

This month we’re pushing back the darkness and fear the world is experiencing through COVID-19’s grip. 

Left, our boys in the Egypt Child Sponsorship Program had fun trying on the masks provided in their family’s monthly food packet.  Meanwhile as much of Egypt and the Middle East remains on lockdown, ministry continues. Join us in this issue as we look at getting beyond fear and not just stumbling into the future, but reaching for the future God has in store beyond dark days.

Pushing Back Against the Darkness…Prime Minister Winston Churchill led England through World War II’s turmoil of darkness, evil, fear and terror that surrounded England. A uniquely skilled leader, he turned England’s focus from fear into action; “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”

What does God see in these days of COVID-19, riots, isolation and fear?  He sees the same neediness he’s witnessed in men and women from the days of Adam and Eve. The exposed truth in our hearts of varying degrees of loneliness, frustration and fear, yet he also sees faith and courage.  If you’re struggling, even in isolation or illness, he’s right there with you, standing as your strength between you and the darkness you may be facing.

Joshua had spent years in training for the moment God made him the leader of the Hebrews after Moses’ death.  God knew what was ahead, yet he had chosen and prepared Joshua for this next immense challenge.  The similarities of Joshua’s journey and ours are not too far off;  he faced unbelievable odds and fears, and we do too.  We’ve been told COVID-19 will return…a great darkness looming for many of us. But Joshua was also privileged to know God’s promise of his presence and his success.  We do too.  God will never leave or forsake us. How has God prepared you for this unusual crisis?  Can you see his hand in your life even in this darkness? Joshua took courage from God’s promises and as a result took on the task ahead of him.

Countless millions in the world are living in need; they not able to receive stimulus checks or good medical care should they contract COVID-19 or any other illnesses, but most of us are. Many live in a spiritual darkness that has been brought to new light.

As the cost of this pandemic has hit home to our nation, cities, churches, our families and this ministry, the weariness of it all has settled in. But if we have God’s presence and promises, shouldn’t this be the time we push back against the despair, division and isolation?  Should we not stand up for the weak, and sick, help widows and orphans in their distress? If not us, who?  If not now, when?

Because of Joshua’s faith and courage, the Hebrews responded to his leadership and accepted the challenge of their journey into Canaan without fear of failure. God told them over and over, “do not fear, don’t be dismayed, don’t tremble…” Fear of failure or, COVID-10, in our case, has pushed its way into many of our hearts…and gained a stronghold.

God has you right where you are for a reason.  He is with you; he will not leave you nor forsake you in your time of need. He already has the courage you need ready and waiting.

At Indigenous Ministries we firmly believe God has us right where he wants us…standing together with you and with many thousands of the most needy in areas of deep turmoil.  He will continue to be our great strength and shield. Thank you for your partnership in these days.  May the Lord bless you. 

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