Pushing Back the Night

In the ongoing efforts to bring a level of security to our children and students in India, from the leopard and tiger that has been sighted on the campus, and has taken dogs. We have launched what we are calling the Tiger Fencing Project. This is being done in two phases, the first is to get lights on the campus. They are solar powered and I am happy to share with you that tonight, there are lights on the campus and the dark spaces have been pushed back. In an effort to meet this need, we purchased 5 solar street lights and we want to thank those who have already begun in this endeavor.

We have seen over $1,400 come in for the second phase and this is for the fencing project that will enclose the entire campus with a chainlink fence. Please continue to pray that this project will be completed very soon. God Bless you as you have prayed and partnered with us in this ministry.

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