GBC Goes International – James

In June, James, a 19 year old from our ministry team in Myanmar (Burma), will board a train for India as one of the newest members of the student body at GBC, and the first student from another country. Because of our new facilities, we are expanding to accept students from our ministries in other […]

IN 20 DAYS! Dedication of Dorms!

With the work done, celebration was in order! Below, Dr. Cook and Rev. John Ingole and the faculty, staff, students and friends of Grace Bible College gathered for a dedication ceremony on April 8.   Special Thanks To: Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! – Our ministry prayer and financial partners – John Cook, CEO […]


The excitement was intense as we received phone calls on the progress of the first Grace Bible College dormitory building making its way from Mumbai to Amravati on a trailer pulled behind a lorry (Indian semi-truck). Then the call came that the transport had been stopped just outside of town. It had arrived during the […]

Easter Services – India

The sun broke bright and warm over the dry country side….when all of a sudden the crowd gathered broke the stillness with the shout… “Prabhu Ut-lah Aahe!!! Kharokahr Ut-lah Aahe!!! HE HAS RISEN, HE HAS RISEN INDEED!!!!!” Startled birds took flight from the hill opposite the rooftop we were meeting on. My mind wandered across […]

First Easter, First Baptism, First Communion

Resurrection Sunday was a day of firsts! It was the first Easter Sunday to be celebrated by the congregation of the Amravati Baptist Church, that meets in the Memorial Chapel on Sunday morning. There was such a sense of excitement as each one entered into the new facility. The chapel literally sparkled as this day […]

GBC Shipping Container Dorm Update

Toes in the Dirt and Water With two months until monsoon season begins (and continues for almost three months) and four months until the new school begins at Grace Bible College (GBC), India, we’ve got our feet and faith in the dirt here… literally! I’ve shared in previous articles that the idea for shipping containers to […]

Baptism Class in India

“I want to walk with the Lord Jesus, and be obedient to him.” “I want my life to reflect Jesus Christ in and actions.” “I want to lead many people to Christ, and so therefore I want to follow him in obedience to what he is asked of me.” These are the words that I’ve […]

The Dream Takes Shape

In my last blog, I shared that I had come to Delhi and then Central India to get the project of using Shipping Containers for dormitories for Grace Bible College started. There have been meetings and negotiations mainly on prices…the negotiations included the cost of the modifications, the window placements, doors, lights, flooring. All these […]

Shipping Container Dorms are Under Construction!

Just a few short days ago, I boarded a plane in Colorado back to Delhi. My first meetings there were with businessmen to plan our final strategy for the shipping container dorms project layouts, timelines and delivery dates. Armed with computer drawings, as well as images on napkins, we launched the construction of the housing […]

Dream with Me

A few weeks ago my cousin and I in Portland went to a loading dock that held tens of thousands of shipping containers. As I have shared with him the vision for our Bible college and central India, and looking to bring shipping containers onto the property to place them in connection with each other […]