Iraqi Relief Update

We are so thankful for the generous response to my two previous emails asking for help for the Christians in Iraq. To date, almost $20,000 has been raised, and $12,000 has been used primarily to help feed refugees. Our teams are also sharing the Gospel as they distribute food. With a goal of $35,000, we […]

Church Bells are Silent Today in Mosul

This Sunday morning, as the morning light breaks over the city of Mosul, Iraq, the church bells are silent. This is the first time in 1800 years that church services will not be held in the city. The religious cleansing of the city done by ISIS this month has ensured the city is empty of […]

Standing with the Christians from Mosul

Our hearts have been broken as we have seen the recent events taking place in Iraq. With the fall of Mosul and Tikkrit by the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), the over 35,000 Christians who have lived in this area for 1800 years were given an ultimatum: All Christians must 1.) Convert to […]

Miriam Found Alive!

One of the most incredible stories for Indigenous Ministries this year is that Miriam has been found alive! We thank the Lord! Many of you prayed with us last year as one of our own Indigenous Ministries’ Egyptian team member, Miriam, 24, was kidnapped, abused, and weeks later, her family was told she had been […]

Update for Grace Bible College