Refugee Child Sponsorships are Here!

The 48" level: We’re looking at this crisis at a level most of us have forgotten, at about the 3' or 4' level. Here are the refugee kids’ own words:

I feel alone, afraid, why is there so much hurt? I miss my friends, I have nothing to do, sometimes my friends just leave camp, my parents fight more now, I don’t know what happened to my house or toys…

Lara, one of the little girls who just joined our Refugee Child Sponsorship Program (RCSP), used to live in Mosul with her family, but they fled the Islamic State and now live in a refugee camp in Northern Iraq. Lara lives with so much fear and pain that she hardly talks. She’s six years old. Her family is concerned for her and welcome our sponsorship to encourage her; they are very encouraged as well.

Recently, Indigenous Ministries received NGO (non-government organization or nonprofit) status in Iraq, meaning we have government permission to move ahead in ministry. The countless hours of work by our Colorado Springs and Iraqi teams in preparation for this launch, means you can sponsor a refugee child or children in Iraq through IM.

The word ‘stable’ means “not changing or fluctuating…”. Can you imagine the extreme changes and fluctuations these children have been through over the past three years? As Islamic State soldiers ran or drove down streets firing guns, these kids ran with their families from their homes, some lost loved ones and friends in horrific ways in front of them. Running, hiding, and then living in tents, unfinished homes, partially constructed shopping malls, or UN refugee camps, these kids’ lives are the epitome of instability.

Now is the time for us to step into the lives of refugee children with hope and love! Through sponsorships, our national Iraqi team is able to minister to the needs of the child/children; providing for their physical needs, assisting with their education, and sharing weekly Bible lessons with them at church.
Our goal is to bless 1,000 precious refugee children through sponsorship, with the first 125 sponsored by December 1st. Maybe you’ve been wanting to help refugee kids, but haven’t been able to figure out how… this is how you can make a big difference! We’re already almost at 20% of this goal.

We’re so thankful for each one who is already involved helping “our” children; and 23% of our sponsors support two or more children, and one family sponsors eight kids. We are very blessed to have faithful giving and praying partners; thank you!

The cost is only $39/month for one child – and $78 for two, $117 for three. Your decision today will really count.

Visit our website,, on the right click on “Child Sponsorships,” or call Sarah at the office at 719-302-3028. The whole process should take you 3-5 minutes. Our website has other information you may find useful such as videos, photos, FAQs and blogs.

I look forward to chatting with you! – Sarah Rieger, Exec. Ass’t for Sponsorships

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