Refugee Child Trauma Care Kits

John Cook, left, was thrilled to be able to give out the first 37 kits to refugee children and our national teams in Iraq last month. The response was overwhelmingly positive! We’ve been asked for 10,000 kits by our teams and refugee camp leadership. This kit helps children unpack their trauma so they can begin to heal.

Each $55 Trauma Care Kit Includes:
– A very soft 18” stuffed animal (varies depending on supplies: lion, bear or tiger) with a chest pocket for the audio player
– Solar audio player with two tracks, first, for the children, Bible stories set to music with the Gospel, and for the adults, the Bible in Arabic and English
– A booklet called “The Survivors” in Arabic to help children process the PTSD they’ve experienced; written by a team of professional psychologists and counselors from a Biblical perspective on feelings trauma has brought, along with practical helps
– Another plush toy and candy for every child in the family so no one is left out

Grandparents receiving the kit for their granddaughter

Click the “Donate” button – This is a wonderful, practical way to bless these kids.

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