Refugee Family Starts Life Over for the 2nd Time


Kurdistan – One of our families whose children are in our Refugee Child Sponsorship Program in Iraq shared their story with our visitation team this week.  
In 2014, they considered themselves to have a comfortable life in the small town they lived in on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq. When ISIS, or, ISIL, began intervening in the area, they had took quick action and were able to sell everything they had and flee to Lebanon, where they stayed for several years waiting for permission to emigrate to another country.  After repeated attempts, and repeatedly being denied, last year they returned to Iraq with nothing.  All their hopes and dreams crushed, the resources they sold near Mosul with the hopes of using this money to start a new life had all been spent on survival.  Now back in Kurdistan, they have had to start from nothing one more time.  The UNHCR (United Nations High Council for Refugees) reports that in 2018 there were 4.1 million refugees just like this family trying to re-settle.  Most have “significant needs” as the UNHCR put it, in this historic time in the Middle East. 
They are also hungry for hope, any encouragement and are anxious for good news.  And that’s where our teams step in.  And that’s where you make a difference. The food that this second time refugee family receives from the Chid Sponsorship Program is a very big help.  With the provision of the basic things this food packet provides, their life is a little bit easier, not harder.  They wanted to be sure the team shared with Indigenous Ministries how very grateful they are for this assistance.  
The family has also been attending church with our ministry team because they find comfort and encouragement not only from the messages, but from other refugees who are also struggling through this re-settling issue. Thank you for your prayers and financial sponsorship of the children in this program.  Yes, together, we are making a difference! 

Two kids (not from the family in the article) in the program receiving their family’s food packet in June near Mosul. The food they receive (in front of them) is about 40 pounds. 

Prayer Points:  Pray that the refugee children would study well in school this fall, and that they will have a sense of security and peace.  Pray for the marriages of the refugees, for the spiritual journey they are on. Pray for their ears to hear the Scriptures shared.  Pray for our pastor and his wife as they lead this church filled with refugees.  

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