Refugee Kids Attend Two Months of VBS


Bored kids in the summer is never a good idea…and refugee kids dealing with the summer heat that is climbing into the triple digits with nothing to do is even more of a reason to capture summer days wisely!  IM’s team in Kurdistan is making the most of these days by providing an engaging daily VBS to several hundred refugee children.  Scripture lessons, stories, games and snacks all led by a team of 10 teachers mean these kids have a great summer.  These kids have no means to go to parks, water slides, or zoo outings, so they are happy to be able to board a bus and head on over to one of the refugee camps where the teachers have rooms set aside for different ages.  Some travel each way for an hour and a half. 

This is not a perfect situation, as the sound bounces off the concrete walls and tile floors, but these volunteers have a huge heart for reaching the hearts of these children with the Love of God.  They also know that this is an especially vulnerable time for these children with time on their hands and have stepped up to organize this two month long VBS.  Would you be willing to teach hundreds of kids in sweltering heat five days a week for two months?  Maybe next summer you can help out, but with this summer underway, we can show our support by faithfully remembering to pray for our team, for these children, some of whom are pictured. There is a cost factor associated with the daily transportation and food of $3700.  One more thing we can do to show our support is to cover this small expense. Would you invest in these children this summer?  Please donate online to our Rapid Response Fund.  Thank you! 

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