Refugee Women Begin English Classes

Elham teaches the women. Watch our FB and Beautiful Int’l FB and websites for videos and updates on the classes

The women didn’t mind the heat of 115 as they excitedly gathered for Beautiful International’s launch of the English classes in Northern Iraq. With our IM NGO (non government organization) ministry status in Iraq submitted, we received permissions for the training to begin after months of paperwork. John Cook, IM CEO, and Sam Block, along with the refugee leaders and Wesam and Claudia, our Indigenous Ministries team there, dedicated the classes to the Lord. The women were nothing short of thrilled!

One of the English students

One commented, “We have had nothing to do with our minds for three years and now we can learn in this class; thank you!” The program is up and running and the impact is far-reaching into the community and the future, as the women will be better equipped to work, especially the widows. Because of these classes, we’ve been given permission for Claudia to teach the children, sharing the love of the Lord with them. Get ready! The next step is our child sponsorship program in Northern Iraq.

In this same settlement, we are purchasing sheep for micro businesses helping families get on their feet with an income. Previous to ISIS in 2014, they were shepherds, making this a natural return to what they are familiar with. Pray for our teams and these programs as we invest into hearts for eternity.

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