School Supplies Distribution – Refugee Child Sponsorship Program, Iraq ~ October 2018

“We’re so thankful for each sponsor who is making a difference in the lives of refugee kids and their parents through our Refugee Child Sponsorship Program in Iraq. Your love and compassion are changing lives!

School began in Iraq last month, which means our national team was very busy buying and distributing backpacks, school supplies, and school uniforms. Thank you to each one who generously donated to help send the children to school! The video above shows some photos from this time while Mryanna shares a story of one of the families in our program.

Why are backpacks, uniforms, and other supplies so important for refugee kids? Because without them, these children cannot go to school. To these refugee children, the gift of a backpack, uniform, and school supplies is more than the items themselves, it is the opportunity to receive an education, which gives hope for a bright future. Thank you for making this a reality for kids in this difficult situation!”

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