Six Month Old Child Sponsorship Program in Egypt

This Christmas we’re celebrating not only our Savior’s birth, but several “firsts.” This is our Cairo Indigenous Ministries Team and our Sudanese refugee kids in the program! They had a party, with a gift, (and a Santa hat) craft time, hot meal (a few of the kids said it was the biggest and best meal they’ve ever had), Bible lesson and games, and space to run around in a rented sports field. We started accepting children in June and we are thrilled that the first 40 are now in. Just weeks ago, an entire family trusted Christ. Eight of these unsponsored kids are towards the end of this article.

Six Month Old Child Sponsorship Program in Iraq

CHRISTMAS SHOES: I have been asked if our ministry is legit. Do the kids really receive what you say they do? Good question, and the answer is yes, they do. For example, every child in our Child Sponsorship Program receives a gift at Christmas. Our teams chose the various gifts; toys and puzzles were top choices this year and the kids loved each gift.
Dawood finished his IM training a year ago and now works alone in remote mountainous area of N. Iraq with refugees. He chose new shoes. Daytime temps in Jan are in the mid 40s dipping down to the 30s with rain at night – and the kids wear slippers. Dawood spent Christmas Day with the children making sure they received their shoes in the refugee camp. We’re so proud of all our team members…they all have servants hearts and regularly go above and beyond their normal work load to help the children. Click on HERE to Sponsor a Child

– Dee A. Cook