Because of your compassion and gifts, many children in the Middle East will be able to go to

school: $34,428 was raised in th

is year’s Annual Backpack and School Supplies Fundraiser. Thank you!!

These pictures are of a few of the distributions that took place with the kids in our program with John and Craig in Iraq.

Throughout September, the rest of the school supplies, backpacks and school uniforms will reach all the kids in our program in the Middle East. And because you gave over the goal, so far, over 60 additional needy children outside the program have been helped!!

The food and school supplies Indigenous Ministries provides is the only consistent outside assistance these families receive as they navigate challenging economic issues.

The kids below are holding up sponsor letters they just received and others brought their grades from last year to display. Thank you to our sponsors for sponsoring, praying for and loving these children! We have new children in our program in Egypt and Iraq waiting for a sponsor! To learn more about becoming a sponsor, click the tab “Sponsor a Child.”