Special prayer requests and medical needs

Recently one of the refugee families in our Child Sponsorship Program in Iraq lost their mother in a gas explosion in the kitchen. Another family lost their father when he collapsed and died due to stresses he was under. Most likely it was a heart attack. It would mean a lot to the families for them to hear that many here are praying for them.

Two girls in our CSP program in N. Iraq have medical needs. One of our precious girls, Marta (not her real name), lost her eye to cancer several years ago and IMI helped then as her father had just lost his wife in Syria to a sniper and son to a car accident. He and his other two children fled to Iraq for safety. Marta has been growing and has outgrown her glass eye and needs to have it replaced. Another sweet girl, Elisa (not her real name) had emergency abdominal surgery and is recovering well. Thank you so much for praying for these families this month.

If you would like to assist with any of these costs, on the right you’ll see a tab “Projects for Children in Crisis” and click on the new funding project we’re calling “Children’s Medical Emergencies.”